Here Are The Top 10 Funniest Comments From This Week!

You wrote, we read, you conquered.

10.  Ruh-lat-able

“I got 3 dogs and 4 cats, they all got nicknames I say more than their actual names. For example my dog Fiona is called Fi Fi alot.
My cats all share a nickname, usually along the line of "Come here fucker!"” -CrazyTrainWreck  

9. This week, on Soap Opera FML...

“Tune in next time to see the stunning conclusion in the season finale.” -Donut_Wizard  

8. A good ol' nob joke.

“Number 4 isn't that impressive. It's just a door nob.” -BurnInDemonFire  

7. Sounds like treble.

“O-boe!” -richleys  

6. The pause for dramatic effect is really what did it.

“Maybe he wants you to play......second fiddle” -Sternenkrieger

5. Nevermind all that, the iportant question is:

who the fuck would do that to a perfectly good taco?” -_ali__cat_  

4. You just never really know.

Hey, sometimes even people we think we know might turn out to be complete strangers. Sometimes they turn out to be gay or straight or a Colombian drug Lord.” -routerere

3. Honestly, please learn some manners.

Did you say "thank you" to yourself?

If not, you need to be more polite.” -wanted_2_want

2. Looks like this mystery is solved. 

“When they walked out, did they take the pager with them?” -Donut_Wizard

1. And coming in first with the funniest comment of the week...

“what kinda woman needs a whole six pack of husbands” -awkardtaco


“OP, I know you ended up taking on an unplanned overnight shift... did you return to your car only to find it smeared with tacos?” - Tarlachia

By Nadine / Friday 27 April 2018 11:08 /
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By  GMSP  |  18

Has there ever been a meta-comment selected from the comments on these posts? If not I feel like some of the frequent commenters are missing a major opportunity.