Here Are The Top 10 Comments Of The Week!

Congratulations to all who made the list!

10. Definitely not.

"So I’m guessing it essentially not sensual?" - acmariner99


9. Too bad.

"Too bad there isn’t some kind of modern day rubber implement that you could use to create a vacuum seal in which to resolve this shitty situation. All while keeping your hands poo free." - poururheartout


8. The bees approve.

"What a buzzkill!" - Alup132

"Wonderful" - BEEEEES


7. I'm out.

"Annnnd that's birth control for me, thanks OP!!" - whiskey'swino


6. Another one!

"Hello darkness my old friend....
This ring of mine is yours again....
As I watched it slowly sinking...
The light of my ring was now fading...
And the mistake was planted in my brain...
Four thousand dollars erased...
Within the asphalt and silence..."

- John Nemeth


5. Yup.

"Well you should have gotten the clue when the pizza was lovely" - melisssa87


4. Short and sweet.

"Carma." - RichardPencil


3. We'd rather burn in demon fire...

"Try new Mucus-flavored Hubba Bubba. Chew it on the bus, at work, or even while you're trying to get to second base with your girlfriend. And our patented new formula makes the flavor last 5x longer than any of our previous chewing gums. Look out for all our new flavors, including Pus, Blood, and Earwax. Find them all in the candy aisle, exclusively at Walmart." - BurnInDemonFire


2. That's some dad-level sass right there.

"Wow, that is amazing, a 15 year old cleaning their room." - kirby1964


1. ...but what if no one hears it?

"I thought they only did that in the woods?" - Leeono

"No, you're thinking of the pope." - Dave_Davington



(Someone's been keeping up with their FML News!)

"First his nose and now his colon? Whoever the big guy is, he's having a tough month trying to get all his parts back." - Cassandra Abna Splawn


That's all for this week!


Which one was your favorite?

By Chairman Meow / Saturday 27 October 2018 18:19 /
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