Here Are The Top 10 Comments Of The Week!

Please enjoy this carefully curated collection of clever comments!

10. I see what you did there...

"Probably for the breast- er i mean best" -TumblrweedPasses


9. 'Twas destiny.

"The universe has spoken. Unfortunately, you didn't bother listening to the cat first..." -Abbusser


8. Thanos did nothing wrong.

"To be fair, the obese people have more mass so that means they have more momentum." -nentenkupo

"But they have to overcome more inertia at a standstill first. Balanced, as all things should be." -Johnny5


7. Tsk tsk.

"You were illegally growing catnip, weren't you?" -Glowworm56


6. For serious.

"Geico is taking its new marketing campaign really seriously" -LadyRen


5. No ifs, ands, or butts.

"now the only way to fix this is to projectile shit on their bed as well." -Nikki K


4. I see you are quite the raconteur.

"Hope you’re oaky." -Jeremy Phillips

"oh he will be fine, he'll just need to log that in." -TheBigSneeze

"Fuck that was beautiful" -Jeremy Phillips


3. Gross.

"You win phlegm, you lose phlegm." -chyiochan


2. Accurate.

"You’ll get them back in a day or so, but this month you’re going to have a shitty outlook on life." -RichardPencil

"that's a better psychic reading than most these days." -bluhbluhbluh


1. Oh yeah, baby.

"If you tell us you had cake after that, it will be the most satisfying erotic story I've ever read." -PhoenixChick



"At least she didn't find them in her pears." -BurnInDemonFire


That's all for now, folks. Good luck for next week!

By Chairman Meow / Saturday 13 October 2018 19:21 /
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