Here Are The 9 Funniest Comments Of The Week


How could she not tell the difference is she Wile E coyotes wife 😐🙄😵” -Charlie Given

8. The results are in, you ARE the father.

“Maury will straighten that out for you!” -ViviMage  

7. I ain't sayin she a gold digger

Looks like you’re gonna be a gold-digger for the next few days.” -RichardPencil

6. Can't wait to see it.

“Wow the Catwoman trailer looks pretty good” -real life problems  

5. Let's just hit her with the cold dark truth.

“Jesus doesn’t love you” -melisssa87

4. *cue the scary music*

“Your genitals sound like something out of a horror story” -slkeithh


“My bowels are tellin’ me no but my taste buds, may taste buds are tellin’ me yes” -im Martin

2. This is a very important perspective to consider.

Better than "free kidneys".” -PenguinPal3017

1. You know how impressionable they are!

“Have a talk with your dryer and explain that if it's going to smoke it should do so responsibly and not near dryer lint.”  -TheSminty1


“Yeah OP, think how much worse it'd be if she saw your junk in the shower and commented on it.” -Lalala579121  
By Nadine / Friday 14 September 2018 14:53 /
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