Here Are The 17 Best Tweets Of The Week!

Tweeters, you did good this week.

1. Precious.

2. RT to help this girl get rid of her stalker

3. I aspire to get this level of happy

4. PSA to all the people who tell you to just "get over it"

5. Wow who would have thought! We should all go vegan.

6. Of course, there were IHOb tweets

7. ...upon IHOb tweets

8. Kids these days don't even know.


10. Petition to let this guy rename all animals.

11. Same.

12. He raises a valid point.

13. "Shhhhh. Just let it happen."

14. Honestly, fair.

15. Thank the lawd.

16. That is a good boss.

17. That's not what you're supposed to say when someone gives you ice cream? Oh.

By Nadine / Friday 15 June 2018 12:29 / France
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