Here Are The 15 Funniest Tweets Of The Week!

We've got some real winners in this week's list, folks. From shit white people say to Benedict Cumberbatch edits, we've got what your little FML hearts desire. Enjoy.

1. I don't really wanna work here no mo

2. Makes sense.

3.  Spongebob inspo.

4. And yet, I know nothing about taxes.

5. And that's the tea.

6.  Well, this is simply the truth.


8. What kind of question is that?

9. Anyone who's worked in the service industry knows.

10. An oldy but a goody.

11. This week's Most Relatable Tweet™

12. Nothinnnnng to see here.

13. Aint nobody want your dusty ass man

14. This is why the internet is a wonderful place.

15. "Oh shit my bad man, get your stretch on."

By Nadine / Friday 18 May 2018 15:50 /
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