Here Are The 15 Funniest Tweets From This Week

An angry grandma, dying career dreams, and weird shit people's animals do. All composed into hilarious tweets and comprised right here for you guys. FML for most of these people, but at least you guys can have a good laugh. Enjoy!

1. And, to kick us off:

2. Raise your hand if you didn't realize he was describing two outfits for one girl until rght now.

3. It's a tough life for a cowboy.

4. She's got talent.

5. NOW

6. Hi kid where is your mommy

7. This week's Most Relatable Tweet™

8. Kitty see, kitty do.

9. Whatcha got there?

10. This is it. We are in the Hunger Games.

11. He looks dapper.

12. Not a single fuck is being given.

13. Really though, where are my millions of dollars and super attractive spouse?

14. That quick wit though

15. Give this professor an award.

By Nadine / Sunday 1 April 2018 16:15 /
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