Here Are The 14 Funniest Tweets Of The Week!

The end of summer is sad for some people, but there's always plenty to smile about on Twitter! Here are our favorite funny tweets from the last week of summer... Enjoy!

1. Wait. No. Stop.

2. Adulting

3. It's ok if it's organic.

4. Everyone's a critic.

5. * applauds *

6. Thoughts and prayers!

7. On that note...

8. please

9. Truth

10. Clever girl...

11. Good to know.

12. All in favor?

13. Achievement Unlocked

14. Is this the real life? Is this just Geico?


That's all for now, folks.

Happy first week of fall!


By Tweety Bird / Sunday 23 September 2018 13:21 / United States
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