Here Are The 14 Funniest Tweets Of The Week!

Need a laugh? Look no further.

Happy Sunday! Hopefully, by now you're good and boozed up with mimosas and bloody mary's, and you're able to forget the fact that tomorrow is the dreaded monday. Except that we just reminded you. But to help you forget about it again, we've got the best that Twitter has to offer -- right here in a nice little list just for you. Here are the 14 funniest tweets from this past week. Enjoy!

1. Yas, queen

2. Pink Panther throwback.

3. This dog is all of us.


5. This is 100% how it works.

6. Please watch this all the way through.

7. We're gonna need a follow up from the OP.

8. This new album is lit!

9. Ellen did it again!

10. This dog is everything.


12. ~~Jason Duruuullooo~

13. This kid killed it.

14. An A+ paper.

By Nadine / Sunday 13 May 2018 00:11 /
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By  apossessedbagel  |  14

#14 needs to get Google Docs on his phone, type his paper on it, then just copy and paste it from his laptop. I mean they obviously had something that could type "M" because they point out that the "M" key is broken in the tweet. And in any case they could just copy the letter off of the internet and paste it into every word that needs it later on when they proofread. Tedious but it isn't the job of the professor to do that for you.