Here Are The 11 Funniest Comments From This Week!

*overly dramatic drumroll* The tally is in! We've read all your comments, and the funniest ones have made it in. If you see your username, give yourself a pat on the back. If not, well, fuck your life, I guess.

11. How rude.

How rude!!

You should've helped her out with the grocery bags to her car.” -wanted_2_want  

10. There's always room for a good foot joke.

“I can tell you’re a good student — you put your sole in your studies.“ - RichardPencil


Buy one, get one free!” -  LittleRed79  

8. Because this guy's life is the real FML.

“Imagine the poor book keeper in the insurance office putting away this report to his boss” - Jerrod Baetsch

7. What, you don't like cheeto flavor?

“I was able to stomach the baby cakes, brains, and genitals. Until the trump cakes. I puked after that.” -John Nemeth  

6. Gives a whole new meaning to "you had one job."

“Plot twist: OP is (was) a snow plough driver.” - Dave_Davington

5. Honestly, if you aren't telepathically communicating, what are you even doing?

“Who uses a telephone anymore? Stupid dinosaur on his way to extinction!
He should’ve fire you over SnapChap! Eggplant-happy face!” -RichardPencil

4. Damn, calling out the whole state like that.

“Alabama, is that you?” -Aiden89  

3. Just curious. No relation.

“Have you touched a crucifix to see if it burns you?” -PenguinPal3017  

2. Safety first!

“You can serve as a living warning to others. Even the favour of Our Dark Lord and Saviour Lucifer the Fallen isn't a substitute for condoms. Remember kids, always use protection when honouring our Great and Terrible Master of Darkness.” -Dave_Davington

1. Annnndd coming in first place with a zinger...

“Do not enter the vagina zone? My wife has said that to me a few times.” -  CrazyTrainWreck  

By Nadine / Friday 13 April 2018 23:06 /
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