Here Are The 10 Best Cookie FMLs for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

By Nadine / samedi 4 août 2018 10:00
Are you a classic, chocolate chip cookie lover, or do you like to go crazy with other flavors? There's no wrong answer (unlike with girl scout cookies, where you can just be plain wrong.)

1. That's love.

By clashgurl8449 / Thursday 17 February 2011 08:08 /

2. Must have been a yummy cookie


3. A good compromise I'd say

4. A shitty situation, some might say.

5. Seems like this one could have been easily avoidable

By Jules - / Monday 31 July 2017 05:00 /


6. This aint Dolla Tree.

7. YDI.

8. So, you were really in the Christmas spirit!


9. Well, this is awkward.

By Florida / Thursday 24 November 2016 03:04 / United States - Winchester

10. Ruff life

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