Here Are 9 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

What was going on this week over at FML? Nothing but a bunch of hilarious fails, and even funnier comments.

9. Because, sometimes teamwork helps.

Some of these are made worse by the fact that beginning nurses are paid a measle- y salary. Get it? Measle-y? No? Ok I'll just go back to hiding under my rock” -ChromoTec 

“They ought to strep you of your ability to comment!” -RichardPencil  

“It's ok. you gave it your best Shot.” -Aquamarine501

8. You knew someone was going to say it, but you still laughed when someone did.

“Well... that sure escalated fast.” -BiGTiMeNeRD

7. You got bigger problems coming your way, lady.

"Well, that's a relief, you're going to be just fine....until we get home and we discuss your will." - OnReceivingEnd  

6. Do what you gotta do.

Better safe than sorry. Just wear a full scuba suit to bed, head tank and all.” -Donut_Wizard

5. So kind of him!

“Thank him for his offer and accept it. Tell him to find you a tall, handsome, rich guy with an advanced degree and no family history of cancer, early death or dementia.
There still are gentlemen in this world!” -RichardPencil

4. Pussy power.

“I'd think that a pussy is strong and calling someone one would be complimenting their strength. After all, those things can take a pounding.” -ohsnapword

3. "Oh, you think my top is cute? Thanks. It has POCKETS."

“Denim belt with pockets. Girls will go crazy, because pockets.” -Late For Breakfast  

2. Or the FML News Facebook article section.

“Sounds like a YouTube comment section.” - Ishvah

1. Coming in at #1 for being completely on point and not at all an overraction...

“That’s why it’s good to have a mace in your purse. Not the spray though, the medieval weapon.” - Donut_Wizard  

By Nadine / Friday 11 May 2018 16:03 /
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