Here Are 14 Funny FMLs About DJs For National Disc Jockey Day

Being a DJ has become such a trope in the modern day dating scene that I’m dedicating this compilation to every guy I’ve dated in the last five years. To you all and to the countless others like you, may FMLs like these befall you and may you continue to electrify the crowds of your best friends’ living rooms for years to come.

1. Corporate goes hard.

2. Stereotypes kill careers.

3. They're just used to the rolled out of bed look that the female DJs usually rock.

4. And now it's immortalized in music.

5. A good way to kick off a marriage.

6. 30 year old technology putting you out of business.

7. DJs can be assholes. This is known.

8. Close your porn before work!

9. Boob jockey.

10. How to spot the alcoholic.

11. Nope, just singing my heart out. 

12. When were you planning on telling me?

13. Not nice, bro.

14. There goes your tip.

By Nina / Thursday 18 January 2018 17:11 / France
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