Here Are 14 FMLs About Being In Your Birthday Suit For National Nude Day!

By Nadine / samedi 14 juillet 2018 10:01
There is tons to celebrate about being in the buff. Embrace your naked body and strut your stuff! But before you strip down, you should read these 14 FMLs. As, well, sort of a warning.

1. Winner!

2. Oh no Nana.


3. True love.


  Today, I was laying naked, face down across our bed when I asked my husband to crack my back. He quickly replied with, "Holy! I never realized that your ass hairs were so long before." FML

By dereksboo44 - / Wednesday 25 April 2018 23:00 / Canada - Brantford

4. Maybe check the peephole next time.

5. Does he come with the house?

By Shocked - / Sunday 28 January 2018 19:00 /

6. Your poor mother.

By Sergeant - / Monday 22 January 2018 13:00 / Russian Federation


7. I think the kink is wose than the naked.

8. That's watcha get.

9. Married life.

10. So did it work?


11. *Cringe*

12. I don't blame him.

13. Break up.

14. You got bigger problems to deal with than seeing your brother naked.

By LemonLearn - / Thursday 6 October 2016 20:59 / United States - New York
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