Here Are 12 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. People are stepping up their game and leaving funny comments left and right, and we've gathered the best just for you! Yes, you! The person who consistently comments on FMLs and takes the time to think of something witty to say. We see you and we appreciate you! Now get on up here and collect your trophy.

12. Insensitivity FTW!

“New high score!” -Donut_Wizard  


"Childhood friend', more like 'Childmaking friend'" -ARISKomuniszt

10. 10/10 Can visalize. 

“It’s time for an overly dramatic B-movie style revenge montage.” -Donut_Wizard  

9. Hate to be the one who has to tell you this, but...

“I think your friend count has an off-by-one error.” -RichardPencil  

8. Take this sign, jerk.

“Too bad you couldn’t show him a more fitting gesture....”- Leeono  

7. There's always room for a pee joke!

“Urine for a difficult journey home” -manb91uk  

6. Any twist would have been better, my dude.

“#15 Phew, rest assured the rich man has his own penis. That would have been a way better twist to Fifty Shades of Grey though, am I right?” -DragonMaiden7  

5. Eight six seven five three oh ni-i-i-i-ne

“My girl Jenny has the best number. 867-5309 (insert your own zipcode)” -jessicasoho

4. Yikes. Better use protection next time. 

“Think my girlfriend had cherimoya once but pretty sure she just needed some antibiotics.” -Davros  

3. Ah, crazy work shenanigans. 

Man, I hate it when that happens! You're just walking along minding your own business when you slip and your penis falls into a bag in a.... Such a pain in the ass.” -manb91uk  

2. OK no one let this person eat Chinese food ever again.

“Everyone is thinking it, so I’m just going I say it. Chinese food... Dogs…” -Donut_Wizard

1. TELL ME you didn’t just get the song stuck in your head

“This sounds like a Barenaked Ladies song” -SamanthaThe1st



“Hopefully, your underwear was of the K-Mart brand so you’ll be all set for your next business presentation!” -RichardPencil  

“Did you try to dry them off using the airplane vent afterwards?” - Zekfen

By nadine / Friday 23 March 2018 12:31 / France
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