Here Are 12 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

Some were real zingers, some were more 'meh'. Some say the same thing as the last 4 other commenters. Some ask a question, and some offer a solution as if the OP is sitting on FML, patiently refreshing in hopes to find the answer to their problem. Regardless: you posted, we read, and we conquered. Here are the top 12 funniest comments from this week.

11. Furr-real?

“Did you waddle away in embarrassment?” -Glowworm56  

 10. Not sure why he would have to be named Bob for that scenario to play out, but we like where your head is at!

“I really hope the old bosses name was bob.

That way your uncle could say.

"Eat shit bob"

Every time he took a dump in the old office now a bathroom.” - John Nemeth

9. Yeesh, they're not that bad.

“This just in: scientists discover a new, faster and more effective method to remove tattoos. Side effects may include excessive bleeding and missing limbs.” -Donut_Wizard

8. If he even stayed with her...

“So where did you spend your honeymoon?”

“At the five star resort, County jail.” - Donut_Wizard  

7. Is this person's kids OK?

“Kids are like puppies: if they don't run around enough, they eat your shoes and drive you crazy” -boopingsnoot

6. Most of the other comments were *clears throat* "How short WERE your shorts!?!" But, we found this gem:

“You could make them promise not to tell anyone, but that would be a promise with a string attached.” -Donut_Wizard

5. Sometimes, 2 of you guys kill it in the comments, and we gotta share both.

Is your boss Micheal Scott?” -Beefmaster  

“Better Schwarzenegger than Trump…” - ARISKomuniszt

4. Not sure, but we’re gonna throw that one in the idea bag for later.

“What is a nob interview? Is that where you interview someone’s penis to see if it’s suitable for sex?” -mattyiscool123  

3. He could ask anyone on FML for help next time.

“'s a shame he didn't come up with any nice bread related names. Maybe the longer you have the yeast infection he will eventually rise to the task.” -aruden  

2.  There’s always a bright side!

“Look on the bright side — at least your fear is not irrational!” -RichardPencil  

1. Proverb comment takes the cake.

“You can lead a horse into a nightclub but you can't make it drink. It was the designated driver.” -Glowworm56  

By Nadine / Friday 16 March 2018 11:52 / France
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