Here Are 11 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

By Nadine / samedi 5 mai 2018 05:30
Funny comments

11. Burn the house down and move out.


Today, 30 seconds after waking up and shuffling into the bathroom, the mother of all spiders lost its fight with gravity and fell into my lap while I was peeing. I went from 0-100 wide awake and screaming at 6am. FML

By ScaredShitless - / Tuesday 1 May 2018 00:30 / United Kingdom - Sheffield

“I think I’d be able to fall back asleep fairly quickly after that — I hear crying your eyes out is very exhausting.” -julfunky

10. *Budumpsh* But seriously, folks.

That would make him your daughter’s first cousin, once removed. He needs to be removed again — this time from your house right now!

But, seriously, folks, let’s focus on what’s really important here: Did he being her a really nice gift?” -RichardPencil

9. Sometimes, the funny comments aren’t intentionally funny.

“I like the word burgled. sorry for your house and car tho” -darlapig1998  

8. A two for one on this FML.

You are some impressively sound sleepers.” -ChakatBlackstar

7. It's so simple!

“I lost my passport on a cruise once... maybe try the lost and found? xD” - ARISKomuniszt  

6. Gross.

“And now you can’t help but picture her covered in sea men?” - Leeono

5. Kat Von D do we have a pitch for you!

guess they'll have to change the name to almostdeyeliner” - Davros

4. Sounds like they may be closer than "best friends"

“I hope you fell asleep before hearing all of the sounds of her second time with a woman.” -RichardPencil

3. What goes around comes around

“All those guys could get convicted for child pornography! Then, they’d have to wade through a sea of middle-aged dicks.” -RichardPencil

2. Offensive FML, hilarious response.

“You can't expect things from people because you spend money on them... that's prostitutes... you're thinking of prostitutes” -arabesc

1. Old FML, but a fresh comment, coming in at #1

By Anonymous - / Friday 3 June 2011 21:12 / United States

“Maybe making out with your family is spoiling your chances with other women...?” - T1A2Z3


Wow, what a good choice as the father of your child! If he broke up with you to go back to his cheating ex, it would probably be for the best.” -pjsr

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