Here Are 10 Of The Funniest Comments From This Week!

The tally is in! This week we've personal stories, some people questioning the validity of certain FMLs in a hilarious way, and a porn joke coming in at #1. There were so many to choose from, fam, so hats off to you guys. These were our top 10 favorites. Enjoy!

10. This-Book-Is-On-Fiyaaaahhhh

“Good thing you weren't reading "Fahrenheit 451." The book would have been on fire!” -Glowworm56

9. A bit longer than what we normally look for, but this comment was great from start to finish.

“Not to pile on but...Rookie! My first marriage I let my wife talk me into a $1500 platinum men's ring. Not sure where that is now but she probably got it along with my dignity in the divorce. Roll around to marriage #2. I told the wife I would get my ring and hers. Titanium $12.99 (Twelve dollars and 99 cents, you read that right). I actually bought a backup for when I eventually lose the original. Lessons: 1. Don't by an expensive ring (for her or you) 2. If you are guy, buy a backup and keep it somewhere she can't find it. In my house that is the oven.” -arhill6183

8. If you can't tell why this comment is funny, it's maybe time to go back to school.

“Relax, you’re probably just analizing the situation all wrong.” -RichardPencil  

7. Or on the black market? Time to check if all your organs are still there...

“Did this happen in 1952?” -pjsr

6. "The weather is beautiful, wish you were here!"

“Send her a postcard! "Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the view!" -chyiochan  

5. "Haaaaallllp"

“First glance on the striped Santa pants, I imagined Waldo sticking his hand out & waving & yelling "Here I am! Get me out of here!" -  jkjorn  

4. Oh, the irony.

“It's very rare to get an FML this ironic, seeing as not getting f***ed was the problem.” -ChakatBlackstar

3. Spongebob references FTW.

Keep doing it over and over until it isn't funny anymore, then sing a song about it.” -devi_916  

2. That is definitely why OP was upset.

Ask her for some cookies and move on with your day” -usarmywife  

1. Method acting.

“She clearly didn't read the script if she actually cleaned your teeth!” -tonyfan00  


“Are these sold on the top shelf of the vagina zone?” -Donut_Wizard  

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