By Anonymous

He is lucky

Today, I bought a drink and a sandwich to a homeless guy, but he turned them down because in the last hour of begging he's raked in over £60 and usually begs nearly £300 a day, so, he doesn't need my charity. This homeless bum makes more than I do in a full time job. FML
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By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

Sad but true

By  litttle_miss101  |  11

I did that for a lady except I bought her a pizza and water. She’s has a sign saying she’s hungry but wasn’t very grateful when I handed it to her. She put in her head phones and I walked away, I look back and she’s eating the pizza

  bl3ur0z3  |  17

Honestly, a lot of people are homeless because of mental issues that prohibit holding down a job. She probably doesn't have the social skills or her anxiety is too high to acknowledge your kindness directly. I guarentee she was grateful or she would have turned the pizza away.