Happy Thanksgiving to you all

By emilyta - 24/11/2011 07:14 - United States

Today, my husband threw up in the shower after drinking almost a whole bottle of wine. The shower won't drain now. Happy Thanksgiving. FML
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emilyta_fml tells us more.

I don't drink much and he wanted to have drunk sex. Lol fail on him.

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am I the only one reacting to the fact that he threw up after one bottle of wine?

Looks like you found this year's stuffing.


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WEAK!! Not even a whole bottle.. Pft!

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I bet that left a lovely smell.

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I just woke up vomiting and with diarrhea. Thanks Chillies

What a featherweight. I can drink a little over 75% of it without even a headache the next morning.

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Dinner time

Ahh, good old American gluttony. A normal bottle of wine is 750mL but I've seen some that are almost 1.5L. Either your husband is 8 years old, or he's been drinking a lot more than you noticed.

Happy thanksgiving indeed

Happy thanksgiving, pilgrim

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If my husband did that, I'd kick his drunk ass out. Getting drunk and leaving your wife responsible for you in your drunken state isn't ok.

Looks like you found this year's stuffing.

Recommendation: don't eat it.

am I the only one reacting to the fact that he threw up after one bottle of wine?

Perhaps it wasn't "wine".

Yeah, I was thinking he was a bit of a light weight... That's like 6-8 standard drinks or less

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nope. I was going to say that I can drink a bottle of wine and more and still be fine.

Wine is the most evil drink... I'd have thrown up, too

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40 - Russians are and always will be the masters of the drink. (I'm not Russian.)

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Time to get the plunger! Enjoy your Thanksgiving ;-)

Almost a whole bottle of wine? Watch out, we got a badass over here...

Haha seriously! That's 4 glasses! Light weight

He must not drink allot then...

Just one bottle? Like a normal 0.75l bottle? What the ****?

Threw up after only 1 bottle of wine? I think it may have been the thanks giving food ;)

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Almost one bottle of wine?... Pussy..

1l of Bailey's is roughly equivalent to 3 bottles of wine. After that amount almost everyone will be on his knees. After 1 bottle though.... he must be flyweight.

That's not wine, that's fortified wine, port, brandy etc.

You drink that Bailey's from Ol Greg?! Haha. (don't know what I'm talkin about then go to YouTube, and type in, ol, Greg"

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You saw my downstairs mix up! You want to drink Bailey's from a shoe? Love it!!!

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One glass of wine a day is pretty healthy. One bottle? Not so much.

I doubt he drinks it daily if it made him puke in the shower.