Happy National Ex-Spouse Day! Here Are 13 FMLs About Your Favorite People On Earth... Your Exes!

You lived with them, you made promises, none were kept, and then you kicked that cheating lying bastard out the door. Okay, maybe that's a generalization. It could have been you that was kicked out! Either way, there are FML-a-plenty about everyone's exes, and it is our duty to present them here for you. All you have to do is read them. Come on. Do it for the kids.

1. Subconscious? Is that you?


2. If only he'd seen that rating earlier...

3. Check the cracks and the doors this could be an "Other Mother" situation...

4. WELL you do know her

5. You always want what you can't have!

6. Keeping it in the family.


7. Regrettable decisions. 

8. Maybe he's going through a very late experimental phase?

9. I know those crazy kids would work it out!

10. Did you? OP, come back at us with that update.


11. And that was the last time anyone ever saw him.

12. Funny memes, or photos of you sleeping? We're gonna need more details.

By Nadine / Saturday 14 April 2018 19:02 /
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