Happy 4th of July! Before You Light 'Em Up, Check Out These 19 Hilarious Tweets About Independence Day!

HBD 'Murica. Hopefully by now you're mature enough to get your crap together, 'cause we're sick of all the FMLs.

It's the most 'Murica day to ever be 'Murica. Everyone is decked out in red, white, and blue; you probably know at least 4 people who are having a barbeque, and you're gonna be full of bud light, hot dogs, and potato salad any minute now. But before the sun starts to set and it's time to nearly blow your fingers off, check out these 19 hilarious tweets. 

1. PSA:

2. Anyone ever thought about that?

3. Nicholas Cage only please.

4. Deuces!

5. Never forget.

6. Please folks:

7. 'Murica.

8. This is what America is all about!

9. Makes no sense and this is why America is the best country

10. True.

11. Do it for AMERICA.

12. Work life.

13. Because it needs to be said twice DO YOU GET IT GUYS?

14. OHHHHH geez.

15. *mic drop*

16. And What The King Said Will Shock You!

17. The story of how America became a country:

18. Stylin.

19. So generous. 

By nadine / Wednesday 4 July 2018 14:51 / France
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