Giant Nose Sculpture Stolen From Family's Porch

The kids are emptying their piggy banks to offer a reward for its return.

It's only $6.27, but it's the thought that counts, right?


According to KPTV, a family in Portland, Oregon has had their nose stolen for realsies. The 50-pound sculpture was a neighborhood fixture, and the kids would decorate it each season for a festive look.


They originally found the nose in a junk pile at the workplace of their father, who's in advertising. They thought it would be funny to bring it home, and it quickly grew on them. "It’s sort of, kind of like when you adopt a dog, and the dog becomes part of your family," one of the children explained.


Their mother thinks the nose was stolen late Sunday night or early Monday morning, and the kids are anxious to get it back. One of them proposed offering a $2000 reward, but their parents quickly nixed that, suggesting instead that they offer whatever they had in their piggy banks.


Between the 3 siblings, that added up to a whopping $6.27.


They hope to get it back before Halloween so they can decorate it again.


One of the kids had some parting words for the thief: "So, if you're out there, please return our nose, because we just want our nose back... Hopefully, they get grounded!"


By Gloria Borger / Saturday 20 October 2018 01:08 /
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