German town gets into a sticky situation

Towns' residents experienced ch-ocking catastrophe

Can you imagine waking up, parting the curtains, and seeing before your eyes the streets paved with CHOCOLATE? Well, this wasn’t a dream for a bunch of Germans in the town of Westönnen, as they discovered a pretty sweet surprise late on Monday night.


Resembling an explosion in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the town’s residents were stunned to discover that over a ton of liquid chocolate had leaked from the nearby DreiMeister candy factory and as a result, hardened over the pavements in the chilly German air. We wonder how many people tried to bite a chunk or two off - or perhaps even took a shovel?! We think maybe we would’ve taken the opportunity to do so (in fact, definitely!)

The sticky mess had to be tackled by firefighters due to its severity, who used hot water, torches, and a lot of sturdy German strength to try and break apart the chocolate calamity. Despite the sheer amount of confectionery oozing through their streets, residents weren’t lucky enough to sample the tasty treat for obvious reasons (never eat chocolate off the floor!) but the company’s boss announced it would be reopening on Wednesday. Hopefully they’ll be able to sample a few chocolate delights as compensation for the disruption.

 Have you ever woken up to find it was raining candy? Or discover the trees at the end of your garden were actually growing money?! Let us know about your bizarre catastrophes in the comments below.

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By  ohsnapword  |  21

It's true! The roads really are paved with chocolate in Germany.