Game of Thrones: a round-up of last night's 13 best reactions!

So, was the second episode of the seventh season an FML experience for you? Not for us, even though it always hurts when it's over. However, we always let someone who hates the show write this article, to ensure the tweets are funny whether or not you're a fan. Enjoy!

As stated, I know nothing much about the show. It's not that I hate it, it's just that dragons and stuff turn me off. BUT. I love funny tweets about things that are happening, so here's a selection of the ones that MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, but can also make the rest of us giggle.

1 - Lady Gaga is always welcome


2 - Please tell me why this is important! It seems like a big deal!


3 - This must be love


4 - I'm leaving on a jet plane. Or something.


5 - These people all have weird names


6 - This reaction seems to be quite popular


7 - This one too, especially about the last 10 minutes


8 - "New phone who dis?" is always a great brush off


9 - Game of Thrones has always been a bit camp


10 - Oh come on, The Dukes of Hazzard was kinda special too

11 - At last, something I've watched!

12 - I wonder what was going down here

13 - Sound advice


What was your opinion then? Tell us what you thought about it! 


By Alan / Monday 24 July 2017 14:35 / France
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