Fought Off By A Pensioner, Thieves Leave Empty-Handed (VIDEO)

The Irish great-grandfather beat three armed burglars with his bare hands!

I mean, it wouldn't have been the heist of the century... A sports bar is not a bank. Still, the thieves must have hoped to leave with full pockets.

This weekend, however, our three robbers decide to attack the wrong little bookies in the city of Glanmire, in County Cork, Ireland. The three comrades burst in, armed and masked, and began to wreak havoc. They threatened all present, but primarily the shop manager and an innocent-looking great-grandfather by the name of Denis O'Connor.


In the video, we see that the 84-year-old man is surprisingly calm. Then, like a karate master, he quickly manages to get the upper hand. After wrestling and chasing off one thief, he turned on the other two with a chair. Faced with the serene determination of the retiree, and a well-launched chair, they flee. On their way out, the last thief gets a parting gift from Mr. O'Connor in the form of a swift kick in the caboose. We salute your fine footwork, Denis!

Since then, O'Connor has become a local hero. According to the Irish Independent, O'Connor said, "I didn't really think about it - I just went for it." A risky move for sure, but obviously successful. As for the would-be thieves, they must be laying low far away, waiting for this to pass. Not just for the legal trouble of course, but for the shame as well. Nice going, lads.

By Gloria Borger / Thursday 20 September 2018 22:33 /
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