FML World Takeover

We're heading out on a journey across land and sea to discover FMLs from around the world. Today we'll be exploring Europe with a brief stop in South America.
By Nina / Tuesday 20 June 2017 11:12 /


By Aldric - / Friday 10 June 2016 10:46 / Germany - Munich

I guess you're not getting his number.


Today, I sprayed pepper spray on a guy who appeared to be following me. He was really cute, and was really trying to give me back my keys that I'd dropped. FML

By Lena - / Monday 3 March 2008 00:39 / France

Can you roll the windows down please?


Today, I travelled in a shared taxi on the winding roads of the Peruvian Andes. The guy next to me felt sick and started to throw up. In Peru, they shove 8 people into a 5-seater car. FML

By MetaNomad - / Monday 12 March 2012 11:55 / Peru

On the lamb.


Today, during a school trip to Ireland, I tried taking a souvenir picture of a sheep wearing my sunglasses. So, if you ever see a sheep running past with sunglasses on, they're mine. FML

By gege31 - / Monday 8 November 2010 11:48 / Ireland

We've all been there, dude.


Today, I saw a very pretty girl at the nightclub. She looked at me so I took a sexy pose while drinking, trying to look cool. I put the straw in my nose. FML

By darkdollyone - / Wednesday 19 May 2010 01:36 / Spain

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