FML's Survival Kit #16

Here's another selection of cool stuff we liked this week. Purchasing isn't mandatory, but reading the article is!

Here's this week's collection of cool stuff that you definitely need! We make absolutely no money from this column, the revenue it generates is hardly worth our time, but we enjoy doing it.

Our team of geeky friends and colleagues, as most of you wonderful people are, is really into gadgets, games and weird stuff to play around with. This column will allow you to find out what sort of things we all like, what makes us all giggle enough to buy, but will also give you some ideas for upcoming events like birthdays, bar mitzvahs and other fun things. Check 'em out.

Fancy a brewski?

 "Spring is here! Time for nice weather, going outside, having fun with my friends. We like to party, have a few brewskis and hang around in parks. The trouble with that sort of thing is that carrying everything around is hard work. So I got myself this lovely can vest, which also makes my look like a bit of a suicide bomber. Which I'm not, I must point out."





Beats me up

 "I love music, me. I have a shit-ton of music on my phone, but the sound quality is a bit crap when you use the in-built speaker. This week I tried this fantastic gadget to play my grooves via Bluetooth. It sounds good and it's great for carrying anywhere. Just don't become one of those imbeciles who plays loud music on public transportation. People hate you. No one cares about your taste in terrible music. Get off at the next stop." 



"Speaking of music, as you might now, this week a musical legend sadly passed away this week. If you like any shape or form of rock music, or if you watched Back to The Future, get this definitive collection of Chuck Berry's music. Learn his songs on the guitar. Take note that his biggest hit was also his worst (My Ding a ling) but the rest is pure gold. I've been posing in front of my bedroom mirror, doing the classic Berry duckwalk. Legend."



"I've been ill recently so I've been stuck at home watching old movies. I chanced upon Rocky III on TV, and in my feverish mind, getting the same stars and stripes dressing gown as Rocky became an obsession. Luckily, they're readily available on the internet. Get one for that boxing fanatic in your life!"





Cat bag


"It's a bag. It's got cats on it. What more do you want from life? If you're not conviced straight away by the sight of this magnificent creation, there's nothing I can do for you."






It's gettin' hott in here

"I like mugs, because I like coffee, tea and drinking bourbon in secret. This mug doesn't work with bourbon, because it's one of those sexy mugs that turns the people printed on it naked whenever a hot liquid is poured into it. Get it for your dad's birthday and watch him squirm!"




Mogwai Fear Satan

"I was considering talking you guys into getting a Mogwai album, but Chuck Berry takes precedence in this week's musical stakes. So, while I was clicking away in the Mogwai selection, I came across this cute Gizmo from the Gremlins movie, and thought 'I'm having that'. I haven't tried feeding it after midnight or getting it wet. It's a toy, not a real one. I'm thinking of getting a Gremlin to go with it, but I've been traumatized since I saw the movie so I'm a bit scared of them."



Three gifts in one.


"Fish, stationery and a light, living together in perfect harmony. This is a great gift for almost anyone, except maybe infants and people who are allergic to fish and writing. This in on my desk at home now, and I love it. Who wouldn't? I love the little details like the tap, etc. Perfect birthday gift in my opinion."




That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed our selection, and maybe even bought a few things! See you soon.


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