FML's Favorite Funny, Scary and Batshit Antivaxx Posts!

Internet "research" is a plague. People who didn't listen in science classe are taking a stand. Here's a selection of some of the worst of them, with some sanity thrown back.


Yes, some people view their children as property, and scientists as witch doctor shills for "big farmer", despite the fact that those same scientists developed the computers they use to spread their bullshit. Antivaxx people are like flat-earthers: they've been fed a bunch of lies by charlatans, and believe the lies because they need to believe that there's more to life than taxes, television shows and death. They've mixed up these three things and come up with their own distorted view of the world, and medecine. Flat-earthers are just funny. Anti vaccination people are dangerous. Here's a few I found floating around on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. 

Get ready to meet the people best represented by this gif:



1 - Sometimes, at least one parent is reasonable



2 - Antivaxx Logic



3 - One Step Beyond: Parents can now transmit vaccines!



4 - Camp clampdown



5 - Thanks, antivaxxers



6 - Antivaxx Logic 2: Electric Boogaloo



7 - Best response ever



8 - I did done my research!



9 - #deadkids



10 - Goofball and his mum



11 - Doctors, they know nothing!



12 - Oh no, not official studies and research!



13 - Sometimes, kids know best



14 - Punish the heretic!



15 - How do you end up married to an antivaxxer?



Let's tune into Sanity FM for a few more posts.

The following posts contain a bit more of push-back, giving us a little bit of hope amongst all this madness.

16 - The much respected Doc Bastard, one of FML's elder statesmen



17 - Check out Ethan J. Linderberger's TedTalk



18 - A short story, but straight to the point



19 - You almost had us there



20 - Look into this "research", it's quite funny



21 - Thankfully, like Ethan, kids of antivaxx parents are thinking for themselves


That's it for now!

FML hopes you "enjoyed" this compilation of madness. If you're thinking of leaving antivaxx "research and facts" in the comments, don't bother. We'll have none of that toss on FML. Seriously. It's a personal thing for me, my aunt died aged 17 of tuberculosis at a time where no vaccine for it was available yet, and my dad, who was 9 at the time, would have loved to keep her around, and I'd like to have met her. So think before using a sciencifically-developed machine to spout anti-science turds.

To end on a video, here's a great channel debunking this sort of crap, created and hosted by the wonderful Myles Power. Here's one of his many takes on the antivaccine movement, via the insane book for children called "Melanie's Marvelous Measles".

See you all very soon, be excellent to each other.

By Alan / Thursday 27 June 2019 12:21 /
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Top comments
By  alycion  |  38

I have a compromised immune system. I’m still able to get certain vaccines. I do get them. Even with them, I still have a chance of getting the disease. Symptoms don’t show until well into the transfer period. I thank all the anti vaxxers for the many ER trips and extra medical bills. That they never offer to help with. You want to get me sick, then help cover the costs. You kill me, pay my final expenses.

By  LostSoul  |  19

When the CDC says vaccines are safe people argue, stomp their feet, and scream how they are not. When.the CDC said to throw away your romaine lettuce, people could not grab their garbage cans fast enough.

By  Deadputz57  |  4

Actually, I've heard that all the anti-vax propaganda is actually from the Russians/Chinese.

They're convinced that Americans are stupid, and if they can convince enough of them, then they can weaken our society through disease without having to do anything.

Looks like they might not be wrong.

By  Sady_Ct  |  36

I went into anaphylactic shock from the pertussis vaccine as a child and ended up in cardiac arrest and had my heart stop beating. I was about 18months old. What saved me was the fact I was still at the doctors office and he got my heart beating again.

I’m also studying nursing and have all the rest of the vaccines I’m supposed to, except the ones I have now had more than 10 times and still don’t serum convert.

If you don’t know someone’s reasons for the choices they make. Leave them alone. Life is hard enough without everyone else always dumping their shit at your door.

By  0neiros  |  12

God I hate these fucking people. Sooner or later someone's kid is going to die because some Anti-Vaxxer's kid gave them a disease, and that kid's parent is going to go to their house and kill them all. I'm predicting within 2 years this will be a thing.