FML's Favorite Examples of People Not Getting the Joke!

Have you ever tried making a joke on the Internet, and then watched someone totally not get it? This is a selection of those occurrences happening in the wild. Enjoy!

Step up your game!

Context clues and the way words are used are usually enough to signal that a joke is being told, sarcasm is being used and that everything is written in jest. Head on over to the subreddit Woooosh to find out that not everyone understands these simple conditions, and will even brag about being smarter than the person making the joke. Even being downright insulting. Ironically, the subreddit also contains people not getting the joke behind the joke, so it can get messy. Some have resorted to a ridiculous "/s" at the end of a sentence, to indicate that what they've just written is indeed sarcastic. Jeez Louise. Anyway, here's a few examples of jokes that meet resistance from people who don't get it at all.

This phenomenon can be represented by this gif:



1 - Gullible



2 - Gravity



3 - Well spotted



4 - We'll have to check



5 - Handwriting joke



6 - They know their Tony Hawk trivia



7 - Oh no!



8 - When in doubt, double down



9 - Puns galore



10 - Captain obvious joke



11 - Under a Lion King trailer



12 - Hawkeye



13 - Get out of here with your logic!



14 - The old camoflage switcheroo



15 - Like shooting fish in a barrel



16 - Brainwashed



17 - Visual humor doesn't help



18 - Ate The Onion



19 - The joke is over there



20 - You don't say?



21 - Are you sure?


That's it for now!

I hope you enjoyed this selection, they never fail to amaze me. Sometimes, comments on FML can be a bit like this, missing the point of a story now and again. But it's all fun, so no point being mean or condescending. Trying to explain a joke (or an FML) is like trying to dissect a frog, it's disgusting. When in doubt about what to respond to someone who didn't get your joke, or who takes something you wrote at face value, just post this picture:



See you all very soon, and remember to be excellent to each other.

By Alan / Wednesday 12 June 2019 07:22 /
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