FML's 15 favorite fuck-ups of the week!

Whether it's people not understanding how the world works or just people fucking their shit up, this is the place to check out idiots being idiots. No boring fluff, just funny stuff!

Long live the internet !

As you probably do, FML loves the internet. It contains places to hang out on like Reddit, Imgur and FML, where you can come across wonderfully strange clips, pictures and stories. Some stuff you'll see here might have been on the web for years, we can never know. So if you're considering commenting "OLD!" about something in this collection, remember, some people have lives. It's the internet. It's not like it's 2003 and we'd only just found out about the iPod.

1 - Worst funeral EVER

2 - Gotta fly

3 - Rad, dude

4 - Smooth criminal

5 - Thanks for the help, Neil

6 - Plain sailing

7 - Holy bullshit, Batman!

8 - Don't stop til you… Oh, yeah, please stop.

9 - Clapping goes how now?

10 - Hey dudes, check out my BMX skillz

11 - You sure you haven't forgotten anything?

12 - Wax on, wax off

13 - I'm so going to impress her by jumping over the wall

14 - Always be sure of the outcome

15 - Friday mood

That's it for now!

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and that you didn't grumble that much over things you might've seen before. Stop saying "old" if your parents show you pictures of you as a kid. We hadn't seen most of these clips, and we've been on the internet since pictures of naked people took a minute to load via your dial-up modem. See you next week! 

By Alan / Monday 6 May 2019 13:20 /
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Top comments
  pins91  |  27

All good my end


So is the site restyle down to you alone, or are there others creeping around? Either way, I hope we've seen the last of the "recent uploads that were posted in the 'Nearly FMLs' six months ago".

  Alan  |  50

I hope I'll be getting help along the way, and you'll definitely not be getting Christmas stories in the middle of June anymore.

By  pins91  |  27

So good to see admin back! Hey Alan, are you the only one or are there others? What happened? We felt like this was going Down the shitter.

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

I'm glad to see these back! Yay!!! Although #14 is sad. I feel so sorry for guys that happens to. It is a woman's right to say no to a proposal, but it's so depressing when she does it in a public setting. I guess that's why I'm more in favor of private proposals.

  thisisbutaname  |  38

Also, the proposal itself should not be a surprise. Plan a surprise for the actual time and location, and how you'll do it, but for the love of Horus, discuss it beforehand and decide together.