FML's 15 favorite fuck-ups of the week!

Whether it's people not understanding how the world works or just people fucking their shit up, this is the place to check out idiots being idiots. No boring fluff, just funny stuff!

Long live the internet !

As you probably do, FML loves the internet. It contains places to hang out on like Reddit, Imgur and FML, where you can come across wonderfully strange clips, pictures and stories. Some stuff you'll see here might have been on the web for years, we can never know. So if you're considering commenting "OLD!" about something in this collection, remember, some people have lives. It's the internet. It's not like it's 2017 and we'd only just discovered that cheese and wine go well together.

1 - I think there's something wrong with the food

2 - What are friends for?

3 - At what point did this seem like a good idea?

4 - People who vape are like, so cool, man

5 - Watch out for that first step, it's a doozy

6 - The pole is probably the wrong way round

7 - Serves him right, the twat

8 - I could do this all day (and night, and day…)

9 - Chasing pavements

10 - Houston, we have a problem

11 - Play it cool

12 - Drone family picture goes wrong

13 - A+ for effort, F for execution

14 - I must escape, despite my drunkness!

15 - I think it needs just a couple more minutes

That's it for now!

We hope you enjoyed our selection, and that you didn't grumble that much over things you might've seen before. Stop saying "old" if your parents show you pictures of you as a kid. We hadn't seen most of these clips, and we've been on the internet since pictures of naked people took a minute to load via your dial-up modem. See you next week! 

By Alan / Wednesday 27 December 2017 13:14 /
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