FML's 10 Favorite Halloween Stories!

It's Halloween today! As you would expect, we've received some Halloween-related FMLs over the years, so here's our pick to celebrate.


1 - Gotta watch out, don't be a pointy-headed ghost!

2 - It's called having fun, Susan. Look it up.

3 - Halloween, the sociopath's favorite time of year.

4 - Think ahead when planning your costume.

5 - Odd, but effective choice of costume.


6 - X-Rated pumpkins are a thing now?

7 - Realistic is good, it's hip.

8 - See, realistic is GOOD.

9 - Be careful not to offend the wrong asshole.

10 - Be careful not to asshole the wrong offense.

11 - Spare a thought for the many lonely people tonight…

That's your lot!

Enjoy yourselves today… and tonight. As for the FML Team, well, we'll be the ones by the punch bowl dressed as losers, as per usual.

Take care, have fun and see you on the other side of the dark!

By Alan / Tuesday 29 October 2019 11:06 /
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