FML in a gastric context

"Oops, I swallowed it again. I played with my ring, got lost in my intestine, oh 911 911." Sometimes this is what happens when you're playing with something so small near your mouth, that one yawn makes you swallow it. If it's edible, don't panic, yo...

"Oops, I swallowed it again. I played with my ring, got lost in my intestine, oh 911 911." Sometimes this is what happens when you're playing with something so small near your mouth, that one yawn makes you swallow it. If it's edible, don't panic, you're just stupid but not in danger yet. If it's a battery, coin or a Celine Dion CD you're in trouble. Unfortunately, having babies or animals around makes you be twice more careful than usual if you don't want your hamster get eaten by your cat, your cat eaten by your dog or your dog eaten by your baby. Shit happens, but we never know when. To talk about what we're calling "the bowel's call" a young British graphic-designer joins us today, ladies, gentleman, babies, please welcome Matt Needle!


Matt is a 22 year old British graphic designer and illustrator based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, Europe, Earth, Universe. He went to the University Of Wales, Newport, where he has been freelancing since the second year of his University Course, and now he does it on a fulltime basis. Matt is now proud to say he gained a First Class Honours in Design and Illustration.
Since this graduation, his work (posters, CD covers, mural illustrations ..) profile and portfolio have gone from strength to strength, exhibiting all over the United Kingdom, Europe and recently in Australia, as well as working for Major worldwide clients, such as Amnesty International, Armani, Hugo boss etc. No biggie then.

Creating images has been his passion since childhood, so yes, he pretty much loves the fact that he's getting paid (and sometimes laid) for making pictures. As many artists and graphic designers of our time, Matt is heavily inspired by the things he sees around him and he strives to create beautiful, meaningful, complex and often bizarre pieces. He's also particularly excited about films and music, and would like, in the near future, to work within the movie business, maybe in directing or in the art direction department.
Our artist of the day has a great "inspirational artist" list: Salvador Dali, Escher, Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Terry Gilliam, Bauhaus, Surrealism, Paul Rand, amongst many others, and if you don't know one of this genius', don't waste your time any longer by being uncultured and Google them.

One thing you'll realize about Matt's art is that he's kind of abstract in the way he communicates ideas, not because it's trendy, but because he wants people to really think about and analyze what they are viewing. He is so not happy unless he is creating stuff.
His favourite means of creating a piece would be either digital (in Photoshop) or hand assemblage or "collage" as it's more commonly known. This gives his work the perfect balance of depth and abstractness. These are techniques that we would recommend to any budding graphic-designer (if you want to be successful and get a lot of money, of course).

Recently, our British graphic-designer worked on projects for Hugo Boss, Clash Magazine, Tiger Beer, Funkbuddha Film Productions, The Big Chill Festival and many more. As he gained some major popularity, a website became necessary. Since its inception, it has played a vital role in his promotion and networking, and he also uses social networking sites such as twitter, facebook and society 6 to communicate with like-minded people. Plus, Matt is really super cool, so if you have any questions about his job, career or one of his creations, don't hesitate in contacting him, he'll be thrilled to answer you.


Once more, FML has hosted a great artist for our traditional illustration day. Some of them are young and still in high school, some of them work for Armani and others published their 4th book recently (and guess what? You can buy it!). But they have one thing in common: they all have a great sense of humor and they did not pick the FML story they were going to illustrate randomly:
"I chose this particular FML to illustrate as it wasn't too wacky, strange, perverted or dark. I wanted to take something semi-ordinary and abstract it."


Thank you for your participation Matt, we loved it!

Don't forget to visit Matt's website and blog :


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] including a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with Alice, who will tell you what you have to do!

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