First There Were Cat Cafes, Now There’s A...Poop Cafe?

Next time some asshole tells you to “eat shit,” you can do so willingly at Toronto’s Poop Cafe!

If there’s one thing millennials love, it’s an Instagram-worthy niche cafe. They’re usually pretty pricey, but it’s worth it for the followers. You can’t put a price on internet validation! Think Iceland’s Beer Spa where you can literally bathe in ale or NYC’s The Spotted Cheetah, where everything on the menu is made with Cheetos. Theme restaurants have covered

Or so you thought...

Since What’s Your Poo Telling You came out, people have been excited to talk about their “movements.” Hell, people even get colonics for fun these days. Poop is no longer the unrefined, taboo subject it used to be. Even the poop emoji was voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart.

And now you can eat shit out of a toilet, all while sitting (not shitting, mind you) on your very own porcelain throne! It’s toilet-ception!

It sounds odd, we know. But trust us, the turds in question will pique your crappetite.

If it’s brown, scarf it down

At Toronto’s Poop Cafe, there’s no longer any need to hold back your passion for poo. Enjoy it in as ice cream (soft serve, of course), waffles, cakes, and drinks - and in a variety of bathroom-themed dishes.

Eat or drink your delicious deuce out of a toilet, a urinal, a bathtub, or even an asian-style toilet (squat and poop). What more could you possibly ask for?

And for those of you who want to take the fun home with you or give the gift of poop to a loved one this holiday season, the Poop Cafe sells their signature “toilet bowls” and “urinal cups” and even a “Poop Mask” on their facebook shop. It’ll be an FML for your wallet!

By Nina / Thursday 30 November 2017 14:36 /