Feeling All Alone at Your Hotel? This Belgian Establishment is the Place For You!

The Charleroi Airport Hotel in Gosseilies, Belgium, next to the Brussels airport, offers a special service for frequent travelers who often feel lonely and isolated in their rooms, far from family and loved ones.

It all started, as things so often do these days, with a tweet.

A friend of the radio producer Michelle Cooke spent four days in the 4-star hotel in question, when she noticed a rather peculiar service being offered. Amused, she tweeted a photo that garnered a storm of comments demanding to know why this service wasn’t offered at every hotel.

#NoShit Indeed!

The tweet was re-tweeted more than 14,000 times, but opinions were split. On one side, people found the idea fabulous, while others complained about the size of the fishbowl, claiming that it was animal cruelty to keep fish in such small bowls.

It’s ok! No need to get PETA involved! 

The hotel manager assured everyone that the fish were well-treated and that there was a large aquarium on the premises where the fish can rest and oxygenate when necessary.

The manager has been delighted at the vast influx of interest in the establishment, adding that he enjoys seeing the reactions on customers faces when they receive their rent-a-fish. 


In case you’re ever in the area, the service is only 3€50 per night!

By Lucky Luke / Friday 8 September 2017 16:35 / France
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Not to mention redundant.