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Family life

Today, my wife told me that she has been unhappy for a long time and wanted a divorce. We bought a 200,000 house 6 months ago and we bought her a brand new car 2 months ago. Unhappy for a long time? FML
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Pretty sure he knows that, but it would make the upcoming divorce a heck of a lot easier and cheaper if she'd told him BEFORE they bought the house, or even made an effort to fix what was wrong instead of going from 0-divorce with no warning like my wife did.

By  DarkAngelsBlade  |  20

Make sure when y’all are filing for divorce she puts down that she hasn’t been happy for however many years and then use that to make sure she doesn’t get the house. Dono bout the car if it’s in her name. She shouldn’t have been into getting a new house at the least if she didn’t feel the love, and that it’s suspicious to go with these things and then want a divorce.

  mekiswrite  |  19

It doesn't matter what anyone puts in a Statement of Claim... the house is matrimonial property so it has to be split 50/50. At least, very basically, that's the way it works where I am.


It is marital property but that doesn’t mean it’s 50/50 here, it’s eligible for it. It’s also about equitable and not equal distribution. If a judge sees that someone’s been unhappy in their marriage for a time longer than the purchase of items (also saw the car counts too), they could see she was waiting to divorce until after there was shared property to split, which the judge could then use whatever legal discretion they have to rule in favor of the one being taken advantage of.

But you’re right, depends on where they are. I think if she admits she’s been not happy for longer than they’ve owned the property a judge is less likely to favor her for that property, within legal reason of course.

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

Sure, a no-fault divorce is a wonderful idea!

AFTER she pays you the full price of her new car and 1/2 the cost of the house, right?

(The latter of which she'll get back after having lived elsewhere for 30 years when it's then sold right after you've retired down to the Bahamas. ;-)