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By Anonymous - 18/07/2017 00:30

Today, I came home to find my mom in my apartment packing my things and crying. When she saw me she threw her arms around me and explained through her tears that she caught my girlfriend cheating on me and that she was sorry. My girlfriend and I are in an open relationship. I had to explain that. FML
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Taking pictures

By Anonymous - 05/12/2019 14:00

Today, I was teaching a high school calculus class. I wrote a complex formula on the board. As I wrote, students asked if they could take a picture of the board and circulate it. I said yes, and I was pleased as everybody seemed to be taking pictures. Soon, I realized why: my skirt was tucked into my underwear. Within a few minutes, every student in the school had an email with a picture of my ugliest pair of floral-printed panties. FML
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I think it's sweet your mom cares for you like that.

she had good intentions, but she should have told you about what she saw before she packed you up.


I think it's sweet your mom cares for you like that.

His mom took it upon herself to pack his apartment without talking to him about the situation first. That's not sweet, that's crazy.

she had good intentions, but she should have told you about what she saw before she packed you up.

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a ddlg relationship is about that. but also about him taking care of you. if he doesn't get that then he doesn't need to be called Daddy. maybe look up ddlg and explain how it works

God damn, I have no idea what you people are saying?? I'm also too drunk and don't give enough fucks to look any of it up...

It's a type of Dom/sub relationship in the BDSM community,but her comment isn't really about the original fml

Seriously, don't call hin Daddy if you won't accept your part in the dd/lg relationship. There's no point calling him that, giving him hope in giving you a guiding hand if you're unwilling to listen.

-sigh- First up, ddlg is a subtype of BDSM, usually more related to the Master/servant and discipline aspects. Two, the guideline about any kind of BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual. Even if partners decide to not use the "safe" part, consent much be given with full knowledge of what the session will contain. If either partner develops a different desire to incorporate into the scene, it's their responsibility to inform the other party. Three, not telling a partner about a change in plans and not giving them the chance to discuss it, and simply springing it on them invalidates previous consent. Four, taking BDSM practices out of the bedroom and incorporating it into everyday life isn't for everyone, and should never be done without the non-dominant person's consent, because it is a breach of the play session. Five, NoEmotions obviously doesn't enjoy the non-bedroom age play, and it in fact makes them feel angry and like they are being condescended to, which means any good dominant would STOP. A dominant s desires to assert them self should never come to fruition if it means causing harm of any kind to their partner(s), whether through bad consent protocol or not stopping a session when the bottom is asking for worse injuries than is safe.

This is actually kind of cute--at least you know mom's got your back. Hope you made her help you unpack afterwards though.

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PenguinPal3017 19

Only if he's not also taking advantage of the situation. This guy I work with is poly. He is dating multiple women, and they are all dating multiple men. It's how some people like it.

That's degenerate

It's your life, but personally I think your mom has the right idea

"mom we're (some flavor of open/poly)" is a hard conversation, but better than dealing with that kind of shock. (I know of which I speak, I am in a poly relationship, I've had it with 3 sets of parents now).

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I like how this comment has more down thumbs, but the comment that straight up just insults OP for being in an open relationship doesn't.

My comment? lol

Personally, I find the "you can only love one person" view to be bullshit. You can love multiple people like a best friend. You can love both of your parents the same, and even other people (e.g., aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents of friends/partners) like parents as well. You're allowed to love multiple siblings like siblings, and even some friendships can get to that level. You can also love multiple children (biological and adopted). All of these forms of love, nobody bats an eye at. So why does everyone lose their minds at the thought of someone loving multiple people as a partner? You're bound to get some people who are like that in a species as socially dependent on others as us.

thehaystackerine 20

jeez, doesn't anyone have morals anymore?

Morals mean I don't cheat if I agree to be monogamous. Or that I respect the terms of my relationship with my partners as someone who is polyamorous. Believing a Disney-inspired concept of One True Love being able to be your perfect match in absolutely everything, and the only person you could ever love isn't about morals, it's about... unrealistic idealism if I'm being cynical, and fairy tale ideals of romance when I'm not.

I love my wife, who I have been with for 10 years. I also love my girlfriend, who I have been with for 5. There are no secrets between any of us, and wife & girlfriend are best friends. These are both loving, committed, healthy relationships between consenting adults where there is no lying, cheating, dishonesty, or disrespect - and we all look out for the well being of each other. How exactly do you find my relationships immoral?

The good news is that with the open relationship, your Oedipus Complex is still on the table!

Ehh why would she pack your stuff? She automatically assumes you be moving out?? Or even if not open that you can't work it out yourself?