Expensive Designer Sneakers Slammed For Mocking Poverty

Has the "distressed" look gone too far? Not according to Golden Goose and their Superstar line of beat up sneakers!

There have been a handful of fashion scandals in the past few years. There were purses based on cheap reusable bags and shirts stapled to shirts... Even the brand in question, Golden Goose, found itself in hot water on social media for the same issue regarding the overpriced distressed look in 2016.


We regret to now introduce to you the latest in the Golden Goose "Superstar" line of trashy sneakers. With its fine calf suede and "hot application of coloured tape", it will cost you a cool $530. Includes "laces intentionally worn" of course.


How does one sell a shoe made to look like trash? Well, Nordstrom did their best, and apparently it's working. “Crumply, hold-it-all-together tape details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star and a grungy rubber cupsole.” It would almost sound cool if you couldn't see the shoe and the price alongside it.


The kicker? They've sold out. Yes, enough people are paying $530 to look like they can't afford a new pair of Nikes that Nordstrom is all out of garbage shoes. Don't worry though, you can still find them on the Golden Goose website.


As one would expect with a fashion-related issue, there are plenty of tweets about the shabby footwear.

Remember, kids... Polish a turd and you'll be left with nothing of great value, but if you wrap some dumpster sneakers in a shiny golden box, people will drop half a grand.

By Gloria Borger / Friday 21 September 2018 16:10 /
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By  Demon_of_Light  |  27

I always wear beat up old sneakers cause they're comfy. My friends and family always tell me to throw them out and get new ones because I look poor, but the joke's on them cause apparently I actually look like $530.

By  Madrias  |  36

And to think that the old pair of running shoes I've been wearing for 5 years actually now look 'in style' for a bargain price, being oil-stained, well-worn, topped off with mismatched laces (I broke one and couldn't be bothered to replace both laces at that time... 2 years ago...) And no, I didn't do it as a fashion statement. They're perfectly good shoes, at least for a little while longer. I've got a spare set of shoes in case these start actually falling apart, but for now, the five-year-old shoes keep walking.

Though, the only time I ever put tape on them is when I cover the meshed toes with duct tape to weather-proof them if it's raining. I hate wet socks.