Everyday stuff that's more disgusting than we thought - be ready to be grossed out!

A recent study revealed that blowing out birthday cake candles sprays the cake with a bunch of nasty bacteria. However, some everyday objects are way more caked. If you're a little OCD/FML about cleanliness, look away now, things are going to get itchy.

Make a wish !

When it's your Birthday, you can sometimes end up wishing that everyone invited to the party gets sick the next day, but usually alcohol takes care of that side of things. However, a study from the Canadian Science and Education Center has shown that the simple act of blowing out the candles on your Birthday cake boosts the amount of bacteria on its surface by 1400 %. That's a lot. Especially when you then find out that it can reach 12000 %. Oh, the humanity.

The cake is just the beginning: other everyday objects

According to other studies, working on a computer is just as disease-prone. It's been estimated that an ordinary keyboard contains 20000 more harmful bacteria than your average toilet bowl. That's not all: a computer mouse can be 45000 times dirtier than the door handle in a train station. Lovely. 

Badge into work with mittens

The most surprising is the average office badge, the one you use to open the door to put in 8 to 10 hours a day, then leave in the evening with an ever-growing feeling of dread. Turns out the dread is justified: the badge is covered in 243 times more bacteria than the average pet toy (and we don't mean a clean one). If work already makes you sick, be aware that it can actually make you sick if you're not careful. And wash your badges, people!

What cleans as it gets dirty ?

The sponge that you use to clean your plates and other kitchen equipment is covered in bacteria. Millions of the fuckers can be walking around on it, according to a recent study. The worst part? Cleaning them is of no use whatsover, because scientists have discovered that regularly cleaned sponges contained a higher percentage of pathogen-carrying bacteria than the sponges that weren't cleaned "properly". The reason for this odd fact is due to this type of bacteria being more resistant to cleaning, and will afterward be quicker to regroup in areas that weaker bacteria have abandoned. According to these same scientist boffins, there's only one other place that contains such a high density of bacteria: excrement. Poop, in other words.

The solution? Change your sponge every week, stop blowing on stuff and put latex glove s on before leaving your house.

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By  species4872  |  19

Immunity builders.

By  species4872  |  19

Immunity builders.