By "netflix12345" - 23/1/2020 20:00

Elegant dress

Today, I was hanging out with my 5 year boyfriend. He took me out on a boat and made me wear my most elegant outfit ever. Before getting on the boat, a girl pushed me. I fell and almost drowned in the lake. My dress was ruined. FML
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  Susan Yee  |  8

Or the OP is the side chick.

  ImpKit  |  7

Agree. So I'm imagining it was a poor choice of words and someone else simply bumped or stumbled into the OP. Still an FML... but no longer with the malice.

By  Cindell Hanson  |  7

5 year old boyfriend? We gotta call the cops or what? This is shit. Who is allowing such nonsense to be posted all of a sudden? I a weirdo enjoying this website since 2008. It makes me not wanna visit anymore. Clean it up!