Earth-Friendly Car Turns Into Rodent Feast

An Ottawa man is doing battle with his neighborhood squirrels.

Trying to do what's right for the planet is vitally important and definitely honorable, but it's currently biting this man in the butt, or rather, in the wallet.


According to CBC News, Lenard Broadhead of Ottawa, Canada is currently locked in a fierce battle with his neighborhood squirrels over his tasty yet expensive Honda. The car was built with biodegradable materials in certain parts, and the rodents are eating it up. Literally. When he remote-starts his vehicle from a safe distance, he'll watch the underside for fleeing squirrels.


Broadhead says that the squirrels have caused significant damage to his air filters, fuel injector wiring, and motor, and his costs so far hover at around $1,000. He added, "I'm paranoid about this, because it's freaking expensive."


The service manager at his local dealership, who sometimes takes pity on Broadhead and does a repair at cost, isn't convinced that the parts are the problem, but Broadhead is sure because no car of any other make that's parked in his driveway has had an issue. He's further affirmed in his belief by the existence of a special anti-rodent tape (made with cayenne pepper to deter them from nibbling) that can only be bought from Honda. The kicker? It costs $91 for each 20-meter long roll of tape.


Still, the dealership is testing a few spots of the special tape under Broadhead's hood, and he's testing some solutions of his own. He's switched to parking the car in his garage, and has added a mesh bag engine compartment that contains both mothballs and cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil. He's also combined some dish soap, hot sauce, and water as a repellant to spray around his driveway.


Honda isn't the only manufacturer using bio-plastics, but Mr. Broadhead is sure it's the sole cause of his woes. We can't say either way, but we wonder what would happen if he left some actual food in there!

By Gloria Borger / Tuesday 30 October 2018 23:14 /
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