Do You Want To Lick A $56 Lollipop Version Of Your Face? Because That's A Thing You Can Do Now.

Seems low on the things most people would spend $56 on, but what the hell! Lick away your worries and FML moments.

The "Face Licker" lollipop by FIRBOX may set you back a pretty penny but, you've got to weigh out the pros vs cons.

Pro: It's a lolliop.

Pro: lollipops are delicious, and this one is tutti-frutti.

Pro: What does tutti-frutti even mean? Conversation starter.

Con: costs probably as much as your internet bill that month.

The answer seems clear! To be honest, if you've got the cash, it's not a bad gift idea. At least you're guaranteed to be unique, and know for sure that no one else will bring the same gift.

So how do you make this magic happen? You just submit a photo and a short description about yourself and preferences (holla, vegans!) and about a week later you'll be smoochin' on your own sweet face. 

By nadine / Wednesday 28 March 2018 12:26 / France
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