CVS Customer Gets 6-Foot Receipt After Buying Three Items

Is this the longest receipt ever received?

CVS ExtraCare is too extra for us.


In case you don't know, ExtraCare is the CVS customer loyalty program that offers discounts with the use of a CVS card when you check out. It sounds simple and easy, but its coupon benefits can sometimes get a little out of hand. Twitter user Emma Keane found as much when she received a nearly 6-foot-long receipt after purchasing 3 items a few weeks ago.



Yeah, that's exactly 5'8" (1.72 meters) of receipt paper, all of which will probably just end up in the trash. Many people use their ExtraCare card to get immediate in-store discounts but never even look at the receipt coupons, which seem to randomly come out the length of a phone or a football field. It's checkout roulette! (No one gets shot, obviously, they just get a wad of paper that won't fit in their pocket.)


Keane managed to find a use for her ginormous receipt quickly enough, at least. It's been taped up in her office to use as a height chart for the team. Clever girl.



What would you do with a receipt that long (besides just throwing it away)?


Keane is just relieved that all this online attention is for something so innocent.



In doing a little snooping for this article, your friends at FML have actually discovered a real solution. It's news to us at least! Apparently CVS is now offering paperless receipts / coupons for ExtraCare customers via a rewards app for iOS and Android. No more crumple baseballs of receipt paper in our bags and pockets, guys!



We're living in the future, but it's fun to laugh at the past.



Ok we love her.

By Gloria Borger / Monday 5 November 2018 10:26 / United States
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