Customer Shares Photos Of Shockingly Awful Vegan Pizza

She waited an hour... for THAT?

Dietary restrictions can make life difficult for both the consumer and the brand, but this PizzaExpress in the UK went unnecessarily far.


When Mary Nesbitt-Larking entered her local PizzaExpress in Hatfield, Hertfordshire a few weeks ago, she didn't expect any trouble. She's vegan, but had eaten there before and knew they had good options. A lot of options, actually.



Unfortunately for her, the menu was too good to be true that day. They informed her that they were out of vegan cheese, but she was fine with it and chose to add pine nuts and onions to compensate. Then came the wait.


One whole hour later, they served her this embarrassment.



I mean, come on. Can that even be called a pizza? It looks like a dry pita with plain tomato paste and a handful of raw onion. It's more like a nightmare tortilla than an actual pizza.



Ms. Nesbitt-Larking was obviously appalled, but so hungry at this point that she ate it anyway, much to the dismay of the commenters on her Facebook throwback post that brought this pizza debacle to light. She'd paid £9 (nearly $12) for something that "tasted like undercooked flat bread with a whole tin of tomatoes over it that were really sour, and had raw, red onions on top." It was neither express nor pizza, and it really shouldn't have been served.



Naturally, the company had to respond to such a damning social media post. According to Daily Mail, a spokesperson for PizzaExpress said, "We take great pride in crafting delicious pizzas that our customers love - on this occasion we let Mary down and apologise for her disappointing experience. We are following up to find out what went wrong and, by way of an apology, have invited Mary back to PizzaExpress with a friend, to try our new Autumn dishes and dedicated Vegan menu."


Let's just hope they never run out of that vegan cheese again.

By Gloria Borger / Monday 1 October 2018 15:21 /
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By  Nik  |  12

english pizzas are freaking horrible. seen how they do them at dominos? they're having 16year olds doing them. no skills more than monkey see monkey do attitude and able to read the menu to know what goes on it.