Crocs-Wearing Saudi Boy Arrested for Dancing the Macarena is Officially the Coolest Kid in Jeddah

In the midst of traffic on a busy street in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, one teenager redefines what it means to be a badass. Rebellion has a new soundtrack and it’s the 90s dance hit, the Macarena.

“Today, I was arrested for being too groovy. FML”


This clip of one of the ballsiest kids in Saudi Arabia, originally captured in July 2016, resurfaced over the weekend on Twitter and some are praising him as “the hero we need.”

The clip shows a teenage boy in the middle of Jeddah’s busy Tahlia Street performing the Macarena to an audience of SUVs. Clad in a striped polo and Nike sweat-shorts with a neon swoosh to match his neon blue and green crocs, swag like his has never before graced Saudi streets. 

Apparently, such swag was too much for the Saudi government to handle, because a mere two days later, the boy was tracked down and arrested for improper public behavior.”

Sure, it sucks that what was clearly a teenage boy pulling a dumb prank, as teenage boys are wont to do, has turned into a legal matter, but imagine the street cred he’s getting for his little stunt. Forget the leather jackets and cigarettes, the only thing you need to be a badass are some crocs and headphones, apparently.

Here he is, our peaceful protester, sticking it to the man, one hip shake at a time.

Reactions on Twitter have been split between praise and admonition. Here are some of the more joyful comments.

Though with that last one, I’d like to politely disagree.

The fact that the repercussions for Jeddah Macarena Boy’s actions have been so litigious is an FML for sure, but know this, young hero: your righteous moves will go down in legend.

By Nina / Thursday 24 August 2017 12:19 /
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