By oh_mylanta - 02/03/2009 09:10 - United States

Today, I went to work to find my creepy boss sitting in my office. I work the night shift, so it was very unusual to find him there. I asked how he was, and he replied, "I told my wife about us; she kicked me out." I've been working there a month. Also, I'm married and pregnant. So, excuse me, "US?" FML
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I'd be so creeped out!


Yes us. Me and you together forever I was kicked out for you just for us to be together. Hahaha lol jk jk.

WTF who hits on pregnant chicks?!

Why so many dislikes? Most men wouldn't want a newborn that's not theirs, pregnant women usually are with someone, and there not sexually appealing. Don't say personality over looks or some bs like that either, because she's a month long employee, and he wouldn't know her well probably.

108- *they're

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Did you give him any reason to think there was anything going between the two of you? Even married pregnant women have affairs sometimes...

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I know that's what I was thinking. hummmmph. I wonder....

That's BEYOND creepy. That's Hannibal Lector creepy.

Sounds like a stripper's name..

oh god ur boss needs to see a psychologist or even better a psychiatrist!!!!

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It's possible that he was joking, even though that's not really funny at all

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You realize that the only difference between the two is the fact that a psychiatrist can prescribe drugs, right?

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THANK YOU! Finally someone knows the difference!

I know the difference but only because I regularly see them both the one that prescribe my drugs to me and the one who listens to my problems then confides in the other to see what drugs I need.

pretty sure that qualifies as harassment. i'd start getting this stuff on record now in case this crazy guy actually tries to make this fictional relationship a reality... also, that's beyond creepy. sounds like this guy is delusional.

Are you sure you didn't give him any reason to think you two had something going on...?

it's called sexual harassment starting documenting it now in case you have to sue

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Do that and start trying to find a new job, or maybe talk to his supervisor.

I very much doubt the fact he has a wife.

Anything is possible when you use your ImAgInAtIoN!!!! xD

You may want to consider a new job.

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oh my... thats really quite worrying. Definately tell someone. Next thing you know he'll be phoning up your husband and claiming the baby is his or something.