Couple Turns To Facebook For Photoshop Help and Trolls Deliver

We should all know better by now than to ask a bunch of strangers on the internet for favors. You never know how they might interpret your request. Here's what happens when their innocent plea get take way too literally...

There's nothing wrong with striving for perfection. That's what this couple was trying to do when they reached out to the internet to help them correct a minor blemish on an otherwise perfect pic. All they wanted was to photoshop out the drunk dude in the background, but they got so, so much more.

Thank you, people of the web, for bringing us such magnificent works of art. 

Here is the original facebook post and photo. Seems like a simple task, no?


And here's what the internet served up.

I'm partial to the Mr. Bean version. Share your favorites below!

By Nina / Thursday 13 July 2017 15:56 /
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