Chinese Man Gets Stuck In High Wires After Trying to Literally Escape Paying Hotel Bills

A man gets himself stuck tangled in telephone wires 19 floors off the ground in an attempt to avoid paying his bills. Congratulations on doubling your FML, sir, you’ve now made a fool of yourself and still have to pay your bills.

Looks like someone did a number on the minibar last night. Or maybe he didn’t realize all those dirty movies his wife won’t let him watch at home were actually pay-per-view? Whatever happened during his stay at the Guizhou, China hotel, one can only imagine he must have racked up a pretty hefty bill if he was willing to go to such great heights to avoid paying.

Check out this footage of the struggling man captured by an onlooker below.

Apparently the man was trying to reach the building across a busy four-lane street. Why he thought this was necessary is beyond me. Reporters from China Daily note how lucky he is for not managing not to scrape the two high-voltage power cables that were just above him.

A lot of bad shit has happened in 2017, but this is probably one of the biggest overreactions we’ve seen.

Amazingly, the man was able to get himself out of the predicament unscathed, despite getting himself severely tangled in the telephone wires 196 feet off the ground. One thing that did not go unscathed? His pride. He deserves every bit of embarrassment.

The only thing left on our minds: what on earth did he do in that hotel room?

By Nina / Tuesday 3 October 2017 11:42 / France
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