Cat Crashes Istanbul Fashion Show Runway (VIDEO)

It's called the catwalk for a reason!

This may not officially be that reason, but we're running with it.


A cute cat disrupted the Esmond International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey this week, much to the delight of the internet.


The little feline looked quite at home relaxing on the runway as models traipsed back and forth. Flashing cameras and thumping music? No problem for this little fella. It even tried to play with one of the models by swatting at her leg as she passed by.


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Fortunately for the cat, the models expressed no ill-will over the theft of their spotlight. They carefully pivoted around the little furball in each direction to avoid stepping on its little paws and tail. What lovely ladies. A round of a-paws for the models!


(Please don't delete the app over that. You know we can't resist a pun.)



We're not sure how the designer felt about this pint-sized party crasher, but it's clear to us that cats are running the show in Istanbul. If you ever cross paths with this little fashion runway star, be sure to pay homage with treats. Maybe even offer your leg!


If you've ever had a cat, what's the boldest thing they ever did?

By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 31 October 2018 22:17 /
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